Video: The Best Money-Making Weapon

April 3rd, 2008 by admin

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  1. joe

    Yes but what if personality(like me)thats all bad?lol.

  2. John Warda

    Dude, you’ve got the worse luck with electronics ;-)

    After the launch, I think you’ll have to take your wife on a long vacation to make it up to her.

    Take care,

  3. Rick Kirkham

    REALLY good advise the average person with no sales experience doesn’t understand for someone to order from his/her site they

    Believe in the person, the company and the product

    I feel for you on the video problem. I’ve done that with martial arts videos

    Best of luck on your launch
    Sensei J. Richard Kirkham

  4. Vitallywell

    Hang in there, I have my share of electronic woes myself. I look forward to your product.

  5. Ollie

    Hey, I’ve got a pair of whiffy slippers just like those. OMG! I’m turning into Mike Cheney! lol …But if I make as much dosh then that’s an ok cross to bear! :)

    Love the great info you are giving away here mate!

  6. Wilfred Walter

    Hey Michael,

    I appreciate the challenges of new technology. I too am beginning the process of learning how to use a new video camera.

    I like the intimate vibe of this video - keeping it real - far more interesting than a polished “production”.

    I’m going to give your offer a good look!

    Thanks for sharing :-)


  7. Stephen Cobb

    I have an appointment, but should be able to catch most of you live questions Monday. I will be returning home around 3:30-4:00 p.m. EDT (I’m on the west coast but I’m aware of the 3 PM call session.

  8. Mohamed Mnafeg

    Hello Micheal
    You say to me in your email that we need to talk
    I know that you want only the email be open
    If your are realy serious
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    Awesuum stuff

  10. Len

    Its 6:50 p.m. Sat. night and we are getting snow for spring instead of rain. Not uncommon for Calgary. I love your video’s but this one was very choppy.

  11. Robert Thomas

    Mike, to much data for my DSL 312 KB/s connection can’t watch. I can watch youtube google video. I’m using fire fox on windows 98 se. Transrering data from… never stops just keeps tranfering. The page never fully loads been on it for 5 minutes.

  12. Robert Thomas

    Hey as soon as i submitted a comment the page quit loading but now there is no video.

  13. LeeKenn

    what can I say about this video? I don’t know words can’t describe. However I must say you are wild pretty bold. Did you not reveiw this or you just didn’t care? The info was great the picture towards the end not so great. You still loaded it anyway. Takes alot of guts to do that. Thanks for the information

  14. Jim DeArmond

    Some people don’t get it !!!

    Michael, liked your video & the message. Perhaps, this previous person just doesn’t know that you are the REAL thing.Video “smido”, it’s all about helping us. And Michael, I believe that’s what you’re all about. So, let’s get on to what’s next !!!

  15. wayne

    I listened for over a minute and you still hadn’t got to the point, so forget it.

  16. Algie Rountree

    I need a Website for a business!

  17. jp

    Dear Michael,

    You video’s are great and I thank you very much for them. You are the real deal.

    I have a favor to ask though: Could you have a help desk or a way to contact you. I have written 4 or 5 emails to you in the last year and a half I follow you. AND they all end up in your autoresponder. This is particularly frustrating when you send an email as the one I received at 5:07 (West cost US) called “We need to talk”.

    Obviously, your autoresponder is not working well or I wouldn’t have received such mailing.

    Anyway, this doesn’t diminish the value and quality of your material and content, and I am looking forward to get your release at launch time.

    Hope you don’t mind me sneaking in my comm through this blog. I would have preferred to do so in a personal email.

    tku, jp

  18. Jack Hadley

    The video is not working and I could not play the last 3 1/2 minutes. It would pause every 1/2 minute and took me forever to hear the first 10 minutes.
    Jack Hadley

  19. Georgina

    The video looked OK to me, but I let it load up first.
    Michael, I have to say, you are the only “Guru” I still subscribe to. I love your style, the fact that you really seem to want to help us out. I bought your last launch, and learned lot! I put it on a cd and watch it on TV. I honestly think video is the way to go today

  20. Jangen

    I hear you talk about everything that went ‘wrong’ today and that the a ‘person’ is the ’secret weapon’ to making a fortune on the internet!
    How much money will that cost?
    I don’t have $1,000.00 to buy a camcorder!
    I am a Senior Citizen livingf on a very fixed income and only get paiod once-a-month like MOST people pay rent; car payment ; whatever- I don’t even own a vehichle!
    How do I know you really show me how to set up a ‘free website’ and that all I have to do: ‘is be me’?
    I think you could have spent more time discussing how your NEW IDEA is going to work instead of what a ‘bad day’ it was!

  21. Oscar

    Websites are so cool. I have made 2 websites and still no money. I need help!!


  22. Bill

    Hello Mr. Cheney
    As interested as I am in your videos, I was unable to download your fabulous work. I seem to be encountering the same problem that some of your other interested party’s are haveing.
    Best Regards
    Bill ;o)

  23. Lee Jones

    How to choke a viewer ! - Cheney Style -

    He’s telling you lies, he’s not an Internet Marketer at all, he’s a descendant of a very well known actor.

    I’m Sitting here at 8:32 am (UK TIME) enjoying a bowl of the good stuff, click on the link to watch this episode
    “The Best Money-Making Weapon”

    At around the 6 minute mark, The Homer slippers appeared, followed by Cheney Chaplin, jumping all over the place.

    This sent me in to an uncontrollable fit of laughter, I was literally choking on my cornflakes, but still I couldn’t stop watching……….. Gripping Stuff Dood …………….

    (Dood ?…..where did that one come from ?……..Sorry about that, getting carried away in all the excitement, )

    Great stuff Michael , I really enjoy your content and the relaxed way in which you present each video.
    Next time I’ll come prepared with paramedic and Oxygen on standby……… just in case !

  24. Lee Jones

    So excited i can’t even spell dude correctly !

  25. Keith Harvey

    So sorry to upset you Michael but I am still working on steam, the broadband system has not been introduced to my provider and therefore your videos have hit turbulent water and I can only accept text or pdf files. Any of those would be beneficial.Please keep me on your database the situation will change sooner rather than later. In the meantime, many thanks for your efforts and I can assure you that I am not unappreciative!!

  26. Mike Walker

    Hi eveybody good stuff. For the Pensioner “jangen” you can by a video camera with hard drive for about $150. probably £150 in UK unless you buy online. $1000 will buy you best vid cam in world but do you really need this initially? Hope this helps.The Launch will be great :)

  27. Niamh Kiernan

    I’m pleased to hear that you were planning to show us footage of Scotland and your garden etc. I get really tired of men in the thirties, as they always seem to be, with real close ups of their faces. So visual variety is good and sitting well back like you did is ok in the absence of the visual variety. Some of them have faces made for radio.

    Also in a quandry. I have quite a strong irish accent even though I’ve lived in England a long time and I went to fast on my last video and the audio was dreadful so I got someone with RP to do the VO. Not sure if I can continue with that and maybe I will have to try again and go really slow.

    Good luck with the launch.

  28. Ashley

    No money until the end of the month.
    “IF” I want your information what can I do/

  29. Haroun Kola

    Hey Micheal

    Thanks for the invite. Pity about the hard sell :-)
    Checking it out anyway.


  30. Paul Loughlin/Atlas21c

    Hi Mike,

    Get the point, –But where was your Dog??!

    Probably sleeping again?!

    I have to get a bigger mother board before I can use a video cam. It keeps demanding more ram.

    I have an interesting proposition to put to you. I will be in touch next week,



  31. James

    I also have a dog called Max. I feel bad for your weather. Ever considered moving?

  32. Ulla H

    Well, really something to think about..
    I have so many things on my plate now, so I dont remember every program I am in… Seems to lost my focus again..

  33. Liz V.

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for another ‘personal’ video.

    I wonder if this perspective will help those who took exception to the video and its glitches.

    Here is a perspective:

    What Michael is showing you is a strategy: it’s not about the cost of the digital camera; it’s not about the technical glitches; it’s not about Michael’s family or his Homer slippers; rather it’s about taking action in spite of short comings. It’s about making a decision, create the video, upload it, post it and ask for comments. It’s not about being perfect. Michael is modelling a behaviour that he wants his “audience” to take and run with.

    If we all waited around for things to be perfect, nothing would get done! Been there…done that.

    True, Michael is launching a new product, and I would assume that this is part of his Product Launch; and in an effort to get it “out there”, he just went with the tools he had and produced the video.

    To add to Mike Walker’s comment about video cameras: you can create videos without a video camera. Here is one idea:

    l. Download Camtasia Studio 3. I was able to get that free (Current version is Ver5) and got sent the code when I registered the product.[This is a screen capture piece of software].

    2. Create a computer slide show with images and/or digital photographs (open pix with Windows Picture and Fax Viewfinder-use the slideshow button at the bottom), or MS powerpoint, add music and/or voice over, and then capture that information from your computer screen using Camtasia Studio. Save and upload to the internet. [You don’t always have to show your mug shot…but I suppose that it adds credibility].

    3. No website? Why not use the freebies? At least that is a start.

    4. And Michael, for those individuals who have issues with broadband width etc., why not offer to send the stuff via snail mail?

    There are always solutions to problems.


  34. Chuck

    I was watching your video and trying to figure out who you reminded me of, and it came to me all of a sudden. You are a Scottish Richard Lewis. I’m not sure if you know the Jewish comedian in the states or not, but, believe me. Anyway, I look forward to hearing about the product. It is so refreshing to have someone genuine, who doesn’t mind putting the time out to help us with FREE video content. I’ve been struggling for a couple years trying to break the code, and your insight, I feel, will help tremendously. Keep up the great work.

    Oh, and to add to Liz’s comment above, if you have a PC or laptop with Windows (I think it may have started with XP, do a search on your computer for Windows Movie Maker. It’s free with your computer, and also has video tutorials. And if you want an inexpensive cam-corder, check online for a “Flip-Video”. They run just over $100 and I’ve seen some guru’s saying how professional it is. It’s a one piece camera, point and shoot, has 60 minutes of video, a 2 gig hard drive, and a USB port that you can plug directly into your computer and upload.



  35. Deborah M.


    I just found you today, and I was able to join in the 4 hour live. Afterward, I have watched all your videos. Have been receiving info from Jeff Walker, but did not have the $$ or the understanding at the time how 2.0 could help me. I know so little about IM that I didn’t even know what to look for to learn.(unconscious incompetence)

    The problem I am still having is that all this works for promoting internet marketing tools, and I understand all the concepts, and I am so excited about what you have shown us with all this…the question remains (for me) can this be successful with products that are not Internet Marketing related. I guess I learn best by seeing it broke down into simple terms (as you are so skilled at doing!!) I would like to know before your launch if you could address this in more detail at the launch party (which I plan to attend!!) I know you said it will work with any product, but I guess I need to see or hear an example of how you would apply this to…say…selling high end baby products, or pet supplies, or turtle sweaters….At any rate, I have faith that your new product will help me apply it to whatever I end up choosing for my product, and if I can afford it I will buy it.

    Thanks for all the wonderful and heartfelt teachings,


  36. fatma kolçak

    help mee plese

  37. Maximo Vazquez

    Hello Michel,
    I have a blog that I put all the invents and innovations that I make in the area that I work. In my opinión, the content is unique, valious, and fresh. I think the problem is that is in spanish. I am from Paraguay, South America. I think that if I traduce the web page in english would be better. And scuse me my english is poor.

  38. Joleen

    I had a problem too listening to the video. Keeps on stopping for a long time.


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